To Fall Or Rise, the decision belongs to us

I’m pretty sure if we could choose to not be involved in most of the issues we encounter then we would. Also, if there was a smoother way we could go in making things much easier for ourselves from the beginning, we would make use of it without even thinking twice.

We wouldn’t need to go through the painful money making process. Neither would we personally decide to go through heart breaking and traumatic relationships. We’d definitely not want to go through the back stabbing and manipulative friendships.

We’ll also not choose to go through all the tearful and painful misunderstandings we usually experience in our homes and a whole lot more. The truth still remains that, we exist alongside our problems and we really don’t have a say in whether or not we want to go through those challenges.

We cannot personally decide to alienate our problems from our lives. So instead of sulking and wasting precious time, what we can do is choose to accept what cannot be changed and the things we have no control over exactly the way they are.

Because victimizing ourselves and leaning towards the “why is this happening to me” line would get us nowhere. It only makes us to keep reliving the issue.

That is why, the decision to keep pushing through any situation still rests on us. We can decide to give up and just sulk or accept the problem for what it is and work to get past it.

This past week has taught me a lot on how encountering a dead end and not meeting up with a certain target isn’t always a bad thing. I wasn’t able to meet up with my Friday uploads and I’ve been having a lot of mental blocks.

I kept on stressing about how much of a problem I had for a lot of days which made me lag even more behind on my schedule. Instead of me trying to focus more on what next to do. It took me a really long time to understand that I needed to look at things differently.

Sometimes we just need fresh ideas and to be able to look at things from a different point of view. But we wouldn’t be able to do this without first encountering certain issues. What we need do is to acknowledge it’s presence (because you can’t just ignore the problem) and dwell more on how to get out of it.

A method which I’d suggest to do is sharing the burden. It necessarily isn’t a bad thing to seek guidance from someone. I personally find doing so to be productive. It’s really necessary to have people who are open minded and are more knowledgeable than you around yourself. Ever heard of the saying that “no man is an island ?”

When we speak to non-manipulative, clear headed and knowledgeable people, it puts us in a good position mentally because we can easily get blinded by our problems sometimes which may get us in a bad head space. But when we choose to share, it can get really enlightening for us because we don’t always get to see all of our shortcomings ourselves.

So even though you’re an extremely conservative person, sharing can be therapeutic. Though logically the problem still remains but the burden of carrying it alone lessens and releases us from struggling all alone.
I appreciate the quote which says “A problem shared, is a problem half solved”.

This is actually true because you not only get to lessen the burden of carrying it alone but you also have the opportunity to get fresh ideas from a different perspective which you can work with.

We become more resilient and tough skinned the more we encounter. More of our persistence and tolerance also grows. Lastly, we also get to gain more experience and knowledge.

Also, remembering that it is very normal to want to pace ourselves is important. Just like running a marathon (something I’ll probably never do) we need to slow down to catch our breath and recoup to regain energy. Else we’ll tire ourselves out.

Above everything else, we should normalize praying more than we stress about the problem. I hope you have an amazing day and a blessed week.

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