The Refreshing

Hi guys, I’m so sorry I went AWOL for a really long time. The corona period was just really a lot for me as some of you can understand. Coupled with the fact that I also had school by the corner. I don’t even know if I should call it post corona or what not, but I eventually had to go back to school and it looked like I stepped into another dimension entirely.

A few of you would be able to understand what I mean, due to all those months of not reading and feeling like education had given up on us. Just as we low-key had given up on it as well and then going back felt very overwhelming. Alongside how the semester was so rushed with tons of workload. It was just a lot and I couldn’t even locate the time to have for myself.

Then exams came and made some of us look like we literally descended from another planet. The good thing is that I survived and so did you if you’re reading this. I’m finally back and I will try to become much more consistent with dishing out new content. I actually experienced a whole lot last year and the early quarter of this year.

Beginning this year was a little bit draining for me although I think it’s because of school but a lot did happen in a space of 3 months actually and I’m all for spilling the tea. Anyways this post is just to reach out to all my lovely supporters and readers and tell every single one of you (both returning and new) that I’m back to the business of giving out awesome content for the blog.

It’s actually a refreshing for the blog when I considered all the new content ideas that have been brooding in my mind. Realizing how to keep the balance between posting my own ideas and at the same time pleasing my readers was very exhausting. Most times I’ll overstep past my own ideas and just be focused on the pleasing.

Learning how to maintain this balance is amongst the topics I’ll be dwelling on actually because I can now understand how overwhelming it can be to please ourselves whilst maintaining the satisfaction of others. Amidst all these struggles, I’ve actually missed writing a lot and have been itching to write because the blog became a place to vent and connect with others.

So guys, stay tuned for the next post that’ll be out soon because I’m very certain it’ll be an interesting read. I’ll also try to post the actual days which I’ll have blog posts out so there’ll be a level of commitment and consistency on my part.
I want to say that I love each and every one of my readers so much and thank you for even supporting this blog because you all make me want to keep going.

If you’re a returning subscriber, thank you guys so much you’re the real gees. If you are a new subscriber, thank you also so much because you just hit that jackpot and are the real MVP’s.

Don’t forget to like and follow us on Instagram Also, share the links to other social media platforms. I pray that you have a blessed and amazing week filled with light and love. Not forgetting to also spread that love and positivity to someone else.

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