I was thinking so hard on how to begin this very first piece which definitely deserves an epic start because this could literally be the deal breaker or decisive factor as to how this blog turns out. But then I realized that inasmuch as I wanted it to be free of mistakes and seem perfectly written, there would still be mistakes and criticisms. So instead of giving in to the pressure, I decided to just go with the flow.

Presently in the world, there really are a lot of things to feel pressured about especially when you get to that point in your life where you begin to plan the way you want your life to be. You tend to see a lot of people around you accomplishing their set goals and fulfilling their lives gradually while you don’t even have an idea of what you want to do or even have an inkling on how to begin.

Thinking thoroughly about it now, this project began out of deep rooted frustration because I couldn’t really come to terms with the fact that I had absolutely no idea what it was I wanted to do for or with myself.

Even before I concluded to begin this blog, I let the idea float around in my mind, not letting it fully emerge to the surface so as to avoid thinking too deeply about it.

It’s just a feeling that if I do ponder a lot about it, I just might get too pressured and abandon it. So I work with the idea like it isn’t fully established in my mind but at the same time, it is.

Plus I treat it as a way to vent a little and felt like a lot of people do have a lot to vent about also. So, why not vent for others on this newly created platform and still enable people to speak up and air their views. Hence, the conception of this project.

To be sincere, it really is okay to not know sometimes, but that shouldn’t hold you back from trying. Although sometimes, it may feel like you’re feeding off someone else’s idea, work with it and make it unique to yourself. Make sure you’re not just sitting at one place expecting the stars to align because trust me, they won’t.

I had previous projects that I was working on but didn’t turn out quite well which is why I guess I treat this project like it’s semi existent.

Nevertheless, this project wouldn’t even workout if awesome readers like yourself weren’t involved so thank you for deciding to join this family. Together, we will definitely grow on even more personal levels whether it be anonymously or not. It would be great to have you keep coming back. So keep spreading the word so others can benefit from this awesome family also.

I hope you have a blessed and amazing day or night, depending on when you do read this. May the odds forever be in your favor.

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