Recreating Perspective

We wake up each day trying to either begin a new activity or finish up an old one. Some of us even create routines for ourselves that repeats itself every other day. But perspective, is what causes everyone’s day to differ from each other.

There is something so beautiful and unique about perspective, it’s just like how we can decide to keep being positive towards something, no matter how that situation currently is or will eventually turnout.

Imagine waking up and feeling gloomy, there’s every possibility for your day to turn sour or end up entirely ruined. In as much as we could ruin our entire day that way, there is still also a possibility that we could redeem the joy and calm in our day once our perspective changes or perhaps someone else changes it for us. That, my friends, is the power of perspective. How we choose to see certain events occurring in our life matters a whole lot, more than we can even realize.

I’ve actually found discussing with myself in my mind to be in fact quite productive. I feel like the me I’m discussing with is a sentient being. So whenever I get angry about something I talk to myself (make sure if you ever decide to do this aloud, you’re alone, for… obvious reasons) and the odd part is that the me I’m talking to feels like I’m actually discussing with a third party.

Let’s call this third party me, Avery. Avery has been nurtured to make it seem like I’m having a conversation with a different individual. So different in fact that I might even get scolded for what I’m coming to complain to her about.

I know it can be hard to do, to create an unbiased person of yourself. Nevertheless, when you’re about to have that discussion, you personally already know what your thoughts are on that matter, so create an entirely new and different perspective in person of yourself.

Sometimes that new perspective might end up aligning with what you’re trying to disagree with but it’s certainly worth a shot I mean what could you possibly lose other than brain cells if you do decide to try the idea and it doesn’t end up working or maybe it does work and you end up feeling like you’re really losing it. Like what could you possibly lose right?? But if in the case you do feel like you’re losing brain cells know that it has been in fact scientifically proven to be perfectly normal (Ha! In your face science, I’m not crazy!)

What I’m truly trying to say is it’s perfectly okay for things to not go according to your plan or how you’ve envisioned it to, but how you see yourself is everything.

Quick example, imagine going for an interview and not being picked or called back. Instead of lamenting, say to yourself ” They definitely didn’t even deserve to have my personality around and definitely thought I’m too good for that job ”

I’m not saying to be a proud ego-maniac, I’m just saying to be a confident, self-loving individual.

Even more so, remember that God is very much aware of that situation. So don’t stress, but rather pray about everything as much as you worry about it. Always remember to surround yourself with vibrant and colorful energy whether it be in person of yourself like we’ve discussed, or if it be other people around you. Give back that same energy also, because you don’t know who just might be in need of it.

Only you can determine who you are by what you see. Remember, you are what you think so think big.

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