More Than What We See

When we change the way we look at things, then the things we look at change”

Apparently, I’m quoting myself today. And on this note, I’d love to share a little story with you all. So please hold on tightly to your phones. I once heard from a little birdie that cockroaches can turn people especially females into superheroes.

Tiny as they are and of course as the calculative person that I am, I didn’t believe it at first and so, nature decided to play a sick trick on me (In the night, things always have to happen at night of course).

While I was sitting down having a nice chat with my brother, a cockroach (not just any roach but a flying one at that) quickly darted in our direction. Apparently my traitor of a brother saw it first and moved out of the room before I did while I on the other hand was stuck in the room with a flying cockroach.

The only barrier being a little space before me, a chair and the door. So, with no thought in mind except my flight reflex kicking in, I jumped once and landed directly outside the door. It was like an action movie to both I and my brother.

The difference was I actually experienced it first hand. It wasn’t just any ordinary jump because I jumped from the spot where I was, past the small space, over the chair and outside the door.

It was such an epic moment for me. With so much adrenaline kicking in my body, I made a historic jump that I couldn’t even redo afterwards. Of course when I tried again, I always ended up landing on the chair and having to make an extra jump. So you see why it was such a memorable event for me.

What made that particular night even more entertaining was that I made history twice in one night. After we both called our mom to help us kill the roach and discussed my epic jump, we proceeded to occupy the room once more.

Thing was that, I had left the room to get something and on my way back, a roach was moving fiercely and swiftly on the ground and I made the second history breaking jump in one night. It was such an amazing out-of-body experience.

Now you may be wondering the whole point of this story or probably not. Well, firstly it’s to let you in on how much joy something as trivial as this experience brought me.
I was reminded of this story a few nights ago when I had to battle cockroaches side by side together with my mom.

We faced the wrath of another set of flying cockroaches together. A broom in my hand, and another with my mom. Being a typical Nigerian mother that she is, she added prayers alongside the killings. We were on such a high killing spree together.
And from the deepest parts of my heart, I’m saying that I despise cockroaches a lot.

But then again, I found a sense of peace killing those cockroaches together with my mom. It made me relive my historic jumping moments.
I guess what I’m trying to say is most of the times we walk and work so much that we forget how to treasure the precious moments we have. Whether they’re weird or just so small or maybe close to insignificant.

And because we do this, we become tunnel visioned (narrow minded). So we end up seeing only our problems. The mind is the most powerful tool a human possesses. So by focusing all our energy on the negativity, our mind helps us magnify what we keep on giving preference to.

I know at one point in time each of us have experienced a day or two that felt like we had absolutely no idea what we did. Like we forget if we even did anything tangible for the day or not. It ends up feeling like the day just existed and kept moving while we just stood still and watched.

Then I believe you’ll definitely understand and grab the concept of how we most times live our happy and precious days like this and forget. That’s why it may seem like the bad moments outweigh the happy moments.

It’s not that we don’t have them, it’s just that we can’t remember them. And even if we do remember the good times, they’re usually specific to occasions. For example meeting a friend, birthday celebrations and so on.

Meanwhile, we can easily forget something as simple as how a change in the weather greatly improved our mood. Or a specific scent that caused a sense of calm to wash over us. There are a lot of really good examples if we can clearly think about them.

Yet, we pointedly choose to dwell on all the negative aspects of our life and that’s why, we always remember our misfortunes.
Our perception of various issues goes beyond just what we see. It also requires a certain level of openness to our surroundings. No matter how weird it may seem.

After all, being seen as weird doesn’t in anyway exempt us or exclude us from living an ordinary life. If anything it encourages us to live extraordinarily. If your happiness cannot be found in even the smallest and simplest of details then it may prove difficult while aiming bigger and higher.

_True fulfillment comes while basking in the glory of the little wins_.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying we shouldn’t set higher goals for ourselves. If anything, we should learn to continuously challenge ourselves. So that, the sense of accomplishment we feel can grow simultaneously with every successful goal.

Everything that was created whether successfully or not began from somebody’s imagination. There are endless possibilities to what we can bring to life by first seeing them.

Engage the power of your mind and create a fulfilled life. Have a blessed and amazing week.

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