Welcome to another series of “The Tuesday Talk”. In today’s section, we’ll be talking about all of the unforgettable experiences, memories and moments people have had as freshers or when they were freshers.

I asked you to send in your stories so they can be shared and others can learn. And of course all of these stories compiled are real events that occurred in the lives of people. But each and every of the names used are made up so as to keep the identity of the sharers anonymous.

Note: You can also send in the anonymous name you’d like to go along with your story (if you shared your story with us). Actually all of the names used were given by the owners of the story so they can identify their own stories.


So this experience happened in Uniport, when I was still in basic. It was a period where students weren’t really around. The students that were mostly around happened to be basic students. On that faithful day, I was with one of my friends and we were trying to locate a tutorial.

We didn’t really know our way around because we were new there. So we just walked aimlessly around the classes trying to trace the tutorial that was supposed to be happening for us. While walking, we noticed some guys who were observing us from upstairs and making some calls.
I had to alert my friend and tell him that I didn’t really like the movement because it seemed too suspicious. So I suggested we move away from there. We did just that actually and headed towards another class where a tutorial was being held.

But because we didn’t really know anyone in there, we unfortunately decided to sit outside the class. As we sat there, not quite long after, we saw 2 guys heading towards us and it was so obvious that they were coming to meet us directly. So as we still sat there while eating our groundnut, these 2 guys came and sat beside each of us enclosing us between them.

As they sat down on each of our sides, one of them asked us “Where those Egede men wey dey with ona?” (as per cultists). And I think then in Uniport, cultists were having some rivalries. So we answered them that we didn’t know who they were talking about and that we were new students there.

The guys were just pouring us charge and asking us if we were using them to play. Omo as we were trying to explain ourselves the one by my side specifically brought out a pistol. Omo as he brought it out, it was as though my stomach turned liquid, my body went cold instantly. It was as if I could feel my veins, my blood channel, my transport system. I could literally feel my blood rushing through my body.

My friend raised his two hands up instantly. The guy was like common drop your hand. I was so tense. Even till date, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that kind of fear grip me before. I was so scared. If by mistake the guy was just inspired he’d have just blasted my stomach.

So after the interrogation I think they figured we didn’t really know anything concerning what they were talking about. Meanwhile during the whole so called interrogation, they were eating the groundnut we had. Finally when it was time for them to leave, you know the normal way na they said we should find them something and show them love.

Ironically, back then I was making use of a “nack am start phone”. One China small phone like that. All those small phones that have weird names. I even had it wrapped with rubber bands. The phone self if you’re calling me, I’d have to be hitting the mouthpiece for you to hear me. And also had like 300 naira with me.

My friend on the other hand was making use of a small phone too but he had like 5k with him. So when they searched me, my money even fell. They were just like I should keep my money and everything I was with. It was a different story for my friend. Although the guy sitting beside my friend wanted to take just 1k from the money, the guy with the gun beside me told him to take everything and left.

We just gathered ourselves and moved back to our hostel. I was just saying I’m not going to study in this useless school again. I actually became popular in my hostel because of that. I became popular with the story that I got robbed but I didn’t have anything valuable enough to be stolen. It was a sad story but became a funny experience afterwards.


One of my most unforgettable fresher experience was in Bori polytechnic, when I singlehandedly fought off 3 cultists to save a really close female friend. I’m a martial artist that’s proficient in many arts and it gave me great pride to be able to put them in their place.

How it happened was, my friend had asked me to accompany her for night class. So this whole experience took place when we were just entering into the school. Actually, these cult guys were approaching my female friend because she was really good looking.

I on the other hand was on the receiving end of it all as per how I go dey waka with this kind fine girl. That was how they stopped us and were trying to bully me and harrass my friend. Meanwhile I and my friend paid them no attention and were still trying to go our own way.

That was how one of them pulled out a gun on us. But with everything I’ve been taught, I felt my instincts and reflex kicking in. Above everything else, it was by God’s grace that I was able to disarm him and stun them long enough for I and the girl to run away into the school.
Now the experience has stuck with me long enough for it to remain as one of my most memorable and unforgettable moments as a fresher in school.


My own personal experience is back when I was a fresher, in the hostel I used to think that my charger was bad. I thought so because I kept waking up to meet my phone at 19% after charging it all night. Then I decided to change tactics and try out a new charger.

The situation didn’t stop occurring. Rather, it still kept happening. I’d wake up and find my battery level exactly where it was. Maybe just a few percentages will be added. I eventually thought my phone was even the problem and it had probably gone bad.

Only to find out that the real plot of the story happened to be that my roommate kept unplugging it each night. How I found out was that one certain night, I woke up in the middle of it which is something I rarely do.
Just to see my roommate making use of my charger. And after that day, my phone was always fully charged.


Omo guy I low-key suffered when I was a fresher oh in the University of Benin. Guy I remember one certain time I just came newly, fresh into the system. It was time for clearance na so I asked my sister to help me and go with me so I won’t get lost or anything unfortunate won’t happen to me.

My sister then said shebi if she wasn’t in the school I wouldn’t find my way around the school that biko I should carry myself and go for my clearance. As per my own personal cross which I had to bear na.
That was how I jejely carried myself into school oh and the least cash that was with me was 500 naira. I was heading towards All Saints church because I heard that they were doing free clearance there.

I just wanted to check out the place and see if I would be able to do mine there as well. Just to check out what was going on in general so I’d know what to do with my life. That was how I entered shuttle bus oh my guy. Going to Main gate. My dear I didn’t realise that the shuttle fare was just 30 naira.

So as I reached my destination, that was how I told the shuttle driver to stop me. Then I gave him the 500 naira. Guy if you were there with me ehn, you would feel the level of shame and embarrassment that shuttle driver made me go through.
Omo as I alighted, the driver looked at the money and said “wetin be this?” nai me I come answer, “money”. The driver now said, “no oh because I no know say na money wey you give me before”. It was so funny ehn. The shuttle driver then asked me, “why you go give me 500 naira shey you no know say na 30 naira for shuttle?”

I kid you not I was so shocked to my bones in my mind I was just chanting 30 naira. That was how the shuttle driver finished my life that day. Plus you know how some Benin drivers have bad mouth as well. He was like how do I expect him to look for change around 8 in the morning.

Nothing wey that driver no tell me. He was like abeg enter make we reach main gate make I look for change. For my mind I just say chai see fresher like me na I no know say na 30 naira. Wo make I enter I no go loss. Thankfully, someone behind me just said don’t worry I’ll pay and that was how I was saved.
My sister sef low-key be small witch because if she tell me say shuttle na 30 naira shebi I for try look for change before I commot. My dear I can never forget that day.


I remember a certain day in Uniben where I crossed from Nadia bakery to main gate. I was supposed to get into a shuttle bus at the car park side. But then I saw 2 of my colleagues from Jupeb (we were done with our Jupeb program) walking behind me so I was like instead of me to go into the bus, let me walk with them.

So I waited for them and they caught up with me and we started walking together. So one of my colleagues was wearing a school bag but he wore it with just one hand. Leaving the other hand dangling.
That was how we started walking together and talking. Then two guys putting on black on black were walking in the opposite direction of us (that is they were coming towards us). It so then happened that my friend who wasn’t wearing his school bag properly, had the side of the bag which was dangling hit one of the guys.

Of course in a normal situation this could have easily been resolved with “oh I’m sorry” and then we keep on moving. But trust that this was no ordinary encounter. That was how the guy on black who got hit took it personal. On the way they approached us as if they wanted to hit us.

That was how I decided to step back a bit. Then one approached me as if he actually wanted to hit me but instead, he took me (not just me though, all of us) to a corner and started interrogating all of us. I honestly thought I’d get beaten up that day. It actually seemed like I would be but what saved me was that he found out I was from the same place that he was which is Esan.

How he found out was when he had asked me how I was in Esan ( Do Eijie ) and I responded with I was fine ( Ofure ). That was how he now said oh so you’re even my brother and I was like yes.
When he found out, he asked the other 2 who were with me were they from as well. One was from Edo like me and the other Delta. That was how they took it easy somehow on us. Meanwhile I didn’t even understand how all of a sudden the second cult guy pulled out a gun and the other cult guys with him said “dey with me”.

So moving on, the cult guy then asked for my wallet which was once in my back pocket. I say once was because I prior to the movement they made with us stylishly removed my wallet and threw it into the bush close to us. I obviously figured it’s best to get a new card than have everything in the card wiped out.
And that is my own personal unforgettable experience which I had when I was a fresher in school.


My own personal unforgettable experience as a fresher was in Uniben. It all happened when the first class which I had was scheduled on Monday by 8.00am. Because I lived off campus, I thought if I got their 30minutes earlier, I would be able to get a good seat closer to the board and the lecturer.

So I decided that I was going to get there early enough. But when I got there by 7:30, I was so shocked because the hall was entirely filled up and even overflowing with students. To the extent that some students (myself included in those “some”) were standing outside with no where to sit.

Imagine exactly how the class played out when the lecturer arrived. The noise, the smell, the loss of eyesight, everything was just present in that class. I even began to imagine if some of the students usually take their beds and sleep just outside of the lecture hall.

This eventually became a norm for me 100 level. So I sort of gave up going that early because even when you do, you find that the hall is so filled that you can’t stay. Some students will even annoy you to the point where their bags sit to learn meanwhile the so called owners of the seats are sleeping so soundly at home.
In conclusion, I learnt that day that watching the lecturer from the window can actually become a thing for me. And it did. So this is my own personal experience as a fresher.


So my own personal unforgettable experience as a fresher happened in UST. I remember that certain day when my mom had given me my clearance money in cash. I was entering the school from the back gate which was one of the worst decisions I didn’t know I was making then as a fresher.

While entering, baggars (cultists) stopped me at the back gate and their normal way, asked me to give them something and to show them love. I had no choice than to give them 3k out of the thirty thousand naira which I was with. I say I had no choice because I was lucky they didn’t opt to search me.
Else, that would have been a whole other story altogether. So that is my own personal unforgettable experience when I was a fresher.


For me personally, I had both good and bad experiences as a fresher. The good part of it was that I was able to enjoy the luxury which was fending for myself independently. Without being where my parents lived. So this experience I’m about share happened in NDU.

I had a guy friend from home who we’ll be calling James. He liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend but I turned him down and we stayed as friends. So when I was in school, I told him I was in need of a part time job. Then he introduced me to one of his friends who is actually the son of a well known person in Port Harcourt.

So James introduced me to his friend who wanted to start up a food delivery business. And they were both looking for someone who would help create awareness for their business. I thought over it and decided to accept the job because it worked well with my classes and I was still earning.

We all later agreed to have a business meeting where we could talk about everything. But unfortunately, I was busy that day in class. So they asked me to set a much more convenient day for me which I did on a Sunday.
Quite unfortunate actually because I didn’t get to know that James had traveled back to Port Harcourt. So I and James’s friend met up at the place we were all meant to meet which was his house. I didn’t think anything of it because I thought James would be there and I knew James to a really good extent from home.

But I met up with James’s friend (we’ll call him Peter). And we had a really good business discussion together. He made me see him in the light of him being a responsible person. But later on, he digressed to personal matters claiming he had to know who he was working with on a personal level as well.

Then he brought the leg of he’d like for me to not just work with him but to also be his girlfriend. It was so funny to me but then I had to clarify that I was only going to deal with him on business terms. But he kept on insisting and begging that I be his girlfriend which I consistently refused of course.

I became uncomfortable and opted to leave. He was then like we need to still see so I can understand more about the layout of his business plan so I said okay when I’m less busy. So the day came when I was less busy after class. I went to meet up at his place again.

A fault on my own part because I had no idea what this person was capable of but I agreed anyways since I knew James to a really good extent from home. It may sound silly but I just assumed (which I shouldn’t have) and trusted the trust I had in James. Forgetting about the awkward situation Peter and I ended with last time.

So I got to his place and we of course talked business as usual. He asked if I was going to join him in his meal which I did. A whole lot of red flags present. But then afterwards, when it was time for me to leave I got to the door and discovered he had locked it and was with the key. I immediately got so scared.

He had said to me, “Last time you made me beg you just to be my girlfriend. This time, you’d beg me the same way”. And of course I did. I knelt, I begged but he wasn’t having any of it. This guy was literally pulling off his own clothes and telling me to do the same. It was like a Nigerian movie was playing out right in front of me.

Unfortunately I was the victim and there were so many places I would have cautioned the person in the movie. Meanwhile I fell for all of them. He started making moves of trying to remove my clothes and I started screaming.
Then he said “Even if you scream, nobody would really hear you. But even at that if you do scream, you’d never leave here the same”. So I stopped and started pleading and literally fighting for my innocence to be preserved.

I fought with the guy to the point where I had actually lost all strength and hope. But thank God I honestly have no idea what changed his mind and I really don’t even care to know. But he did and he opened the door and I flew (not ran) but flew out of his house to my hostel.

While I was about leaving he still had the guts to say to me that he was going to take care of me as if I told him I was suffering in any way. That was the last I saw or heard from him again. I cut every single tie I had with him or would have with him in future.
This is my own personal never ever forgettable experience as a fresher.


I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who participated and found courage to share their story. I know it’s not easy to do so but trust me there are so many others who are learning from you.

There are still quite a lot of stories actually I didn’t tell. But I picked the most juiciest and stories worth learning from. I’m so happy for the success of this series the second time.

I’ll see you guys same time next week (probably because my schedule is just so off right now). But definitely still on a Tuesday. For our next Tuesday Talk. Please if you have any topics you’d like for us to share stories on comment down below the topic or send them to our Instagram dm.

Don’t forget to share with your family and friends so more people get to connect with this family. God bless you. Have an amazing week.

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5 months ago

That person that didn’t have anything valuable to be robbed of. Epic!!!

5 months ago

And that James is a bastard.

5 months ago

Wow, these stories are very nice and show how naive we are all as freshers one way or another. Love all the stories

5 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not bad. Can’t wait for new updates

5 months ago

Wow Lisa’s story. I was really scared. Thank God you flew😅

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